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My Glass Flowers


are all one of a kind yard art pieces. Each of my creations is made from the heart and I take pride in making each and everyone of them. While making my flowers,  I take into consideration colors and shapes that will enhance each flower to make everyone smile.  I make simple to very elegant flowers, because our individual tastes vary.   That is the same with the colors. I hope you enjoy looking through my flower creations and that you will notice a variety of shapes and sizes that will put a smile on your face. You will also notice a variety of antique glass pieces such as Carnival, Vaseline, Bohemian, Murano, Iridescent Depression, Fenton, Royal Dalton, Fostoria, Jadeite, Hobnail and so many more lovely pieces. 


The Creative Team


also includes my husband who is my associate and plays such a huge part in my glass flowers. The bracket that is attached to the back of each flower itself has to be cut, pounded and shaped as when the flowers are displayed they are not flat because they are made with an angle to give each flower depth. Each bracket is individually made to fit snug on the back of each flower according to the shape of the plate or glassware. He cuts the PVC pipe in different lengths, smooths the edges and then paints it to start the stem making process. I cut each leaf by hand, hammer it to take away the sharp edges and then bend them to create depth in each of the leaves. I then paint, draw veins on them and give them a finishing touch of gold glitter. Then my associate drill holes in the leaves and he screws each leaf onto the stem using two screws in each leaf.  Of course, he paints each screw to match the leaves to add the finishing touch. The re-bar which is included with each flower is smoothed of all the sharp edges, cleaned and treated to ward off any rusting. Each flower is easy to assemble: The re-bar goes into the ground, and then the stem slips over the re-bar and the flower with its bracket slips into the top of the stem….



Testimonial from a Happy Customer


“The first time I came across Karen’s beautiful flowers was at Jacksonville’s Sunday Market in 2017. I had never seen any thing like them before. I had never really liked any kind of yard art before, but while looking at them, one really caught my eye. I just had to have it, because it reminded me so much of my mother who had recently passed away. Well, I brought it home and I just loved it. There was such high quality in every thing about it. It makes me smile every time I looked at it. I just had to have another one and then another.  Now, I have many of these beautiful treasures. Karen has put so much creativity into the making of these wonderful and unique pieces. I did look at other glass flowers online, but Karen’s are so finely finished the others don’t compare. They have such depth and every part of them has been carefully thought out. The stems alone have so much intricate detail. Beautiful craftsmanship, Karen!! I know she and her “associate husband”  have really put a lot of themselves  into each and every flower. This couple does beautiful quality work. I have given many as gifts to relatives and friends who have in turn come back and bought from Karen. The glass flowers have really added beauty and color to my yard. Never did I think I would enjoy something so much… Thanks to Karen and her associate husband Otis, I have a beautiful yard that always brings a smile to my face and others".    Erin L.



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